International Happiness Day 2018

International Day of Happiness, also known as World Happiness Day, is celebrated yearly on March 20, and this years theme is sharing happiness.

The campaign began in 2013 by the United Nations, calling for happiness to take greater priority worldwide.

The movement’s theme this year focuses on relationships, and the kindness of helping others.

As Martin Luther King Jr was once quoted “the surest way to be happy, is to seek happiness for others.”

So on this International Day of Happiness CBJ are bringing you 10 ways to seek happiness for yourself and others this spring.

  1. Flowers
    Nobody ever said no to a bouquet of flowers, and with spring upon us, a bunch of daffodils, lilies or tulips is a sure way to put a smile on someones face.
  2. Music
    Listening to happy upbeat songs can turn anybody’s day from a dull Monday morning, to a motivating start to the week. So share a good song with someone, either through the internet, or the classic romantic move of a mixed tape.
  3. Food
    Another gesture that is certain to get a good response is food. Whether you want to cook someone’s favourite meal, take them out to their chosen restaurant or get their treasured takeaway delivered, they are bound to be jumping for joy with a full belly and beaming smile.
  4. Compliments
    It is always nice to hear that somebody likes something about you, whether it’s the way you’ve styled your hair, the shoes you’ve decided to wear or the smile you’re sporting on this national day. Don’t be afraid to say something nice, 30 seconds of your time may make someone else’s whole day.
  5. Surprise
    If you have some money left to spare at the end of the month, go ahead and surprise a loved one. From something small like their favourite chocolate, book or film to a trip somewhere breathtaking like the beaches of Dorset or to the rich culture of Bath, this will be a sure way of lifting spirits and creating some memories.
  6. Visiting family
    Whether you’re busy at work, uni or school, taking a couple of hours out of your day to visit a family member could benefit both of your days and plant a grin on your Grandma’s face. The littlest bit of effort will go a long way, while costing you next to nothing.
  7. Giving something back to charity 
    Donate how ever much or little you want to your chosen charity, Go fund me page or good cause. This will definitely make the organisation happy, and is bound to leave you with a sense of good will and pride at the knowledge that you have done your bit.

8. Share a social media post
The positive influence of social media is always up for debate, so whether it’s a funny video on Facebook or a beloved photo of someone special on Instagram, post away and do your part in maintaining the positive impact social media should have.

9. Random act of kindness
Doing a good deed, regardless of if it is for a stranger or someone you know will bring joy to someones day. From buying someone homeless a coffee, to relieving a worry or stress of a dear one, whatever you do, big or small, is certain to give feelings of love, happiness and kindness to yourself and others.

10. Just smile
A smile is contagious, and bound to make someone else happy. So remember everything you have to be thankful for on this day, and channel kindness with a smile.

Give someone the gift of happiness this International Happiness Day.