The spring equinox celebrates the time for new beginnings.

The spring equinox marks the first day of spring, which begins to welcome longer days and new beginnings.

It is the point that the plane of the Earth’s equator passes through the centre of the sun’s disk.

There is a spring and autumn equinox every year.

The equinox of spring usually falls between the 19th and the 21st of March in the northern hemisphere and the autumn equinox takes place around the 22nd September in the southern hemisphere.

This year, the spring equinox takes place on Tuesday, March 20.

The moment that the sun shines directly on the equator marks the official day of the spring equinox.

Another name for the astronomical event is the vernal equinox.

Vernal is the Latin meaning for spring and equinox defines as ‘equal night’ as on the date of the spring equinox the day and night last for an equal amount of time, approximately 12 hours.

The next major astronomical event is the summer solstice, which takes place on Thursday, June 21.