A press conference held by Nottinghamshire Police has shed light on where they are up to in the investigations into Mariam Moustafa’s death.

The 18-year old engineering student, who was born in Italy to Egyptian parents, died last Wednesday (March 14) following an assault outside the Victoria Centre on February 20.

The Nottingham College student was taken to Nottingham City Hospital after the attack where she was discharged at 2am.

She returned the following day after her family found her unconscious in the morning.

On Monday (March 19) night’s press conference in Mansfield, Ch Supt Rob Griffin said they are making “really good progress” in their police investigations.

Mariam Moustafa later died on the March 14 after being in an induced coma.

He started the press conference by saying: “Our deepest sympathies are with Mariam’s family at this time.

“We are working very closely with them and our absolute focus is they get the proper support they need at this very difficult time.”

Ch Supt Rob Griffin revealed that they believe they have correctly identified six girls involved in the incident and that one arrest has been made.

He also said: “A post-mortem has now been conducted following Mariam’s death and the outcome of that post-mortem so far is inconclusive.

“What that means is it will necessitate now further tests in order that a conclusion can be reached.

“Unfortunately, that may take some weeks.”

Hundreds turned out at a vigil in Nottingham’s market square on Monday (19 March) evening to pay tribute to Mariam.

Mariam’s father, Mohamed, spoke at a vigil for his daughter on Monday night

The press conference was finished with Ch Supt Griffin urging the media and public alike to avoid publishing inaccurate comments.

“What I’d like to avoid wherever we can please is any inaccurate comments being reported because all that will serve to do is risk prejudice in this case.

“Back to where I started, that will not help with the objectives we are trying to achieve here, which are not only to try and provide support to the family but to ensure we get justice for Mariam and here family.”