A sight Nottingham commuters are glad to see the back of after today

Huge delays left thousands of Nottingham commuters late for work this morning – with some people complaining that a routine 30 minute trip took nearly two hours.

Night works on the A52 Clifton Boulevard Westbound between A60 Loughborough Road and A453 Clifton Lane over ran, leading to major congestion on many city centre-bound routes.

Roads were finally re-opened at 9:35am. A spokesman for Highways England said there were problems with the tarmac setting during the overnight work on the roads.

Surrounding places such as West Bridgford, Gamston, Ruddington and Bunny were heavily congested as a result of this.

9 miles in 1 hour and 24 minutes is worth a rage on Twitter.
Nottingham City Transport issues sever delay warnings.

A spokesman for Highways England apologised for the hold ups

“Work has been completed and we have now re-opened the A52 westbound between A60 (Ruddington) and the A453 (Clifton) following resurfacing works overnight. There have been delays in the area but they eased as the morning progressed. We’d like to thank commuters for their patience.

“There was a problem with our work vehicle. It broke down while on shift, which is what  caused the delays. We also had problems with the tarmac holding in that vehicle.”

The excuses cut little ice with late commuters, however.

One driver, who regularly drives the 15 miles from south Notts to the city centre in about 35 minutes, was held up for nearly two hours.

“The idea of employing night tarmac gangs is to avoid this kind of rush hour congestion,” he said. “Traffic in Nottingham this morning was an absolute nightmare.”

Roadworks cost the economy £4 billion a year due to delayed deliveries and people unable to get to work on time.