With the 2018 Winter Olympics reaching its seventh day, it’s fair to say the Pyeongchang games are in full swing.

Ealier this morning Britain claimed its first medal, with Dom Parsons snatching a bronze medal in the men’s skeleton event in its final moments.

The 30-year-old looked to have missed out on the podium until reigning world champion Martins Dukurs made mistakes on his final run.

Britain’s first Winter Olympics success comes just three days after speed skating star Elise Christie suffered an agonising crash at the end of the 500m short-track final.

The triple world champion will be back in action on Saturday, however, as she takes part in the 1500m short-track speed skating final.

Elise is one of a few speed skaters based in Nottingham – so what are the city’s thoughts on the games?

Kathleen Jackson, 67, has fallen in love with the games this time around.

“I honestly love it every time it comes on the telly – if we do well I’ll always end up shouting in the living room.”

Hucknall resident Andy Belshaw shared a similar opinion, and believes the Winter Olympics will even help with relations between South and North Korea.

The 59-year-old said: “I personally love the skiing the most, it’s so entertaining.”

“It’s helped with Korean relations – South Korea and North Korea seem to be back together as before they were at loggerheads.”

However, not everyone has had time to catch up with the games.

Dave Hardy, 48, has struggled to keep up with this edition of the Winter Olympics due to the vast difference in time zones between the UK and South Korea.

“If I’m honest I haven’t been able to keep up with it this time mainly due to the timings. I’ve kept up with some things on the radio and in the news but the events themselves – no.”

The people of Nottingham will still have a chance to watch plenty more of the Winter Olympics, with the final day not being until February 25th.