Bingham Fire Station crew stand proud by over a tonne of donated textiles

Bingham firefighters collected 1,680kg of donated clothes for a charity’s ‘Bag it and Bank it’ Championship.

Bingham Fire Station collected more than any other station in Nottinghamshire and for The Fire Fighters Charity and came 4th nationally in terms of the weight of clothes received and the money raised (£369.60).

The campaign is a competition held in January which challenges fire stations across the country to raise as much money as possible from donated clothing. It initially started in 2013 and has proved to be successful every year since.

Nick Jeneway, Marketing Manager for the Fire Fighters Charity said: “We have textile recycling banks at fire stations across the country and in community locations to increase the amount of donations.

“January is always a good month to hold the ‘Bag it and Bank it’ competition as a lot of people clear out their wardrobes after Christmas.

“The campaign helps fire stations to promote their recycling stations and it helps to increase awareness of recycling unwanted clothes.”

The Fire Fighters Charity will present Bingham Fire Station with an award for ‘Outstanding Effort’ on March 8th.

Gerry Williscroft, Watch Manager at Bingham Fire Station said: “We would like to thank everyone who has donated from Bingham and the surrounding villages, we couldn’t have done it without you!

“We very much look forward to receiving this award from the Fire Fighters Charity.”

“It truly has been a fantastic effort, not only to have collected the most in Nottinghamshire but also be the fourth best station nationally.”

The team at Bingham were given an ‘honourable mention’ on the Fire Fighters Charity website for an “amazing effort by the crew and community”.

Egremont Fire Station in Cumbria was crowned the winner, collecting over 11,000kg of textiles.

The money raised from the ‘Bag it and Bank it’ campaign has increased every year. Figures from the last three years show that donations have increased by £10,000 each year. 750 fire stations took part this year – 269 tonnes were collected nationally, raising £56,728 for the charity.

Amount raised in the last three years:

2018: over £56,000

2017: over £45,000

2016: over £36,000

Nick Jeneway said: “The increase in money raised is a combination of more promotion, and also the fact that after each year we’re adding more textile banks, and more fire stations are taking part in the competition.”

The money raised helps the charity fund the services they provide for people in the fire community as well as fire fighters themselves.

They offer services like physical rehabilitation, psychological support and community care. They also have a help line to advise and offer help to people, and they offer support for the retired and families of the fire community.

Nick said: “This campaign and many other events have helped to improve the health and well-being of many people.

“We have helped people get back to work quickly after an injury or mental illness.

“Previously we helped a retired firefighter struggling with PTSD, and we offer support to overcome such issues.”

The charity has various recycling companies collecting the clothes. Clothes in good condition are resold and the rest is recycled into items like car upholstery and industrial wipers.

Nick added: “We’ll probably keep the campaign just as a January competition, but our textile banks are always open.

“We might look at doing a similar and smaller event for ‘back to school’ as that is when a lot of parents clear out their children’s wardrobes and start fresh for the new school year.”

The Fire Fighters Charity is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and to mark the occasion they have an online fundraiser called #My75Miles. Check out how you can help support the charity here.