On-street evening parking price hikes will be voted on after public consultation this March.

This comes after reports that the council is currently in record levels of debt.

Evening parking prices are expected to rise from £1 for 30 minutes to £2, with the council hoping to raise an additional £110,000 for this financial year.

The plans, which were initially suggested by Nottingham City Council last year as it set out the budget, will now be put forward for public consultation.

These new plans will be voted on by Nottingham City Council come March this year and if approved, motorists would see prices rise from £1 to £2 for the two hours between 6pm and 8pm on Monday to Sunday.

The change would mean that parking in the hours between 6pm and 8pm would cost the same as Sunday day-time prices, which currently stand at £1 per hour.

Zones one and two, which include parking in the city centre and some streets further away, will be affected.

Zone three parking, which includes the streets furthest away from the city centre, will remain unaffected.

“Around 190,000 people park in the evening in an on-street parking bay every year.”

A council document arguing the case for the price hike said: “Around 190,000 people park in the evening in an on-street parking bay every year.

“These individuals provide an essential income for Nottingham’s night-time economy but it is the council’s responsibility to ensure that evening parking does not prevent customers coming in to the city.

“Currently the difficulty finding a space on the street can result in customers staying outside of the city for dinner or evening entertainment.”

We spoke to Nottingham motorists to find out their thoughts.

Video credit: Paige Ingram and Joe Locker