A Mansfield teenager and his father had a lucky escape on Friday after their car caught ablaze in Pleasley Vale.

Jake Proctor, a 17-year-old from Hospital Row, Mansfield Woodhouse, owned the BMW Series 1, which is now a burnt out wreck.

Speaking after the incident, he said: “My car broke down in Pleasley Vale on Thursday night. I had no choice but to leave it there overnight.

“When I got back in the morning, me and my dad were sat in the car waiting for the RAC to tow it away.

“We then got out of the car because it was cold and went to sit in my Dad’s car parked across the road to warm up with the heating on.

“Ten minutes later, my car was on fire.”

“We were so lucky to get out alive.”
Jake Proctor, car owner

Jake added that the RAC told him they were lucky that they were not in the car when it caught fire, as it would be “impossible” to get out due to an electrical failure which controls the door locks.

The car lies in ruins and is waiting to be removed

“I couldn’t believe it – it was my first ever car. We were so lucky to not be in there at the time or it could have been a different story.”

All of the contents contained within the BMW were destroyed, including a SATNAV, work tools and an iPad.

Jake’s father, Lee, said: “The car can be replaced – we are just grateful to have left with no injuries.”

Crews from Shirebrook attended the fire on Outgang Lane and extinguished the flames.

The cause of the blaze has yet to be determined, however, the police have closed their enquiries considering the incident to be an accident.