Bar Iberico General Manager Richard Ford.

Bar Iberico, based in the Hockley area of Nottingham, has been named winner of ‘Best design’ and ‘Restaurant of the year’ at the Nottingham Restaurant and Bar Awards. 

The bar, which opened in August 2016, was given the awards at the Nottingham Restaurant and Bar awards, which was held at Colwick Hall Hotel on Wednesday night.

On winning the awards, Bar Iberico General manager, Richard Ford, said: “It was a shock, we always hope to win these kind of awards.

“With such a vibrant food scene in Nottingham and lots of other great restaurants it’s such an honour.”

This is the first year of the awards and every restaurant in Nottingham is well represented, with other awards including ‘Best New Pub’, ‘Best Restaurant Chain’ and ‘Best Cocktail’.

When asked about the most popular item on their menu, the manager said: “We do our own version of inside-out chicken wings and we made about 600 of those this morning.

He added: “The Spanish blue cheese and the Pinchos are also very popular.”


Kerry Mathie is co-founder of the Nottingham Restaurant and Bar Awards and says the awards offer an opportunity for all restaurants and bars in Nottinghamshire to interact with large audiences.

She added: “There’s no doubt competition is important in raising standards, but we also need to promote what Nottingham has to offer, and the NRBA do just that.”

Other winners include Hockley Arts Club for ‘Best Bar or Pub’ and Bar Iberico’s sister restaurant Iberico World Tapas for ‘Best Independent City Restaurant’.