(Left- right): John Hornsby, Linda Bingham, John Smith

Council tax is set to rise by five per cent under plans to make £27m in savings.

The proposed increase is 1.99 per cent, with the social care precept rising by three per cent, meaning a total rise of 4.99 per cent this April.

Linda Bingham, 65, from Keyworth had strong feelings about the rising tax.

She said: “I think it’s an absolute outrage, I do not think that people should have to keep paying more and more in this day and age, the council need to buck their ideas up.”

Councillor, Graham Chapman, who represents Aspley, said council finances were at ‘tipping point’ and that the budget had been the hardest in seven years since austerity started.

He said: “Unless the Government comes up with funding to plug the gap it has created in caring for the elderly and disabled, we will be forced to find ways to make further savings.”

If taxes go up by 4.99 per cent, it will equate to an extra £61.60 for Band A properties, £112.94 for B and E properties, and £184.80 extra for Band H properties.

Reporter Paige Ingram spoke to Nottingham residents to find out their thoughts.

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