Residents have expressed concerns about a new housing development in West Bridgford.

171 homes are to be built on Wilford Lane, with 51 of those set to be “affordable”. But those living nearby are far from pleased.

West Bridgford resident Jackie Fisher, 64, claimed that the already extremely busy Wilford Lane would not cope with more housing.

“We need more homes but this is far too many. This road will be so congested with that many houses being built.”

She added: “There’s apparently been a go-ahead given by the council for another set of houses nearby – that would leave it [Wilford Lane] completely overrun.”

Marie MacMillan, 87, shared a similar view, saying: “I think we already have a lot of housing round here, plus it’s so expensive that new people might not want to move in.

“If there’s the demand for it then I suppose we can’t complain, but the roads around will be so busy.”

Fellow West Bridgford local Michael Brannagan, 48, said: “I realise the houses have to go somewhere but I don’t really think this is the answer.

“The government have clearly pushed Rushcliffe Borough council to do it – I don’t think they would if they were left to their own devices.”

Housing and construction group Galliford Try is in charge of the £44m redevelopment and hopes to have the homes built within four years.

In total, 51 affordable houses will be built along with 120 further open-market sales.