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A one-day lace exhibition called “Lace Unravelled Roadshow” has been announced to take place next Saturday on the 3rd of February.

The second lace roadshow is to be held at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham on February 3rd from 10:00-16:00.

It is a wonderful opportunity for local lace workers from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to exhibit their pieces, photos and share their experiences with members of the public.

The temporary exhibition is part of a project to study Nottingham City Museums and Galleries’ lace collection, which was recently designated of national importance by Arts Council England.

A spokesperson for the event says the goal of the exhibition is to “capture stories, objects and information and knowledge regarding the Nottingham Lace Industry and in so doing, fill gaps in the lace story told by the lace collection.”

The first lace roadshow exhibition held in October 2017 at Long Eaton proved to be very successful, and the upcoming roadshow this weekend will feature a selection of items from the collection that was on display last time.

 “If the last event is anything to go by, it could turn out to be a bit of a lace workers’ reunion event too!”

You can expect to see tables filled with objects from the collection, including bobbins, carriages, a jenny and various lace panels in a room decorated with lace bunting. Last time many visitors brought items to share or to donate to the exhibit.

Ann Inscker, curator of the exhibition said: “We hope our second event will be even more successful than the last.

“The Chair and the Treasurer of the Long Eaton Art Room also joined in with the activities, demonstrating a sock machine and providing information about the history of the buildings.

“It was the perfect venue for the event as they were originally lace factory buildings and also the HQ of Lace Productions Ltd, a key organisation in Nottingham Lace history.”

Councillor Dave Trimble, said: “We are so glad to be able to build on a successful first roadshow with this event and I’m sure many former lace industry workers will join us at Broadway Cinema to shre their memories and help us to further document Nottingham’s rich lace heritage.

“If the last event is anything to go by, it could turn out to be a bit of a lace workers’ reunion event too!”

Another exhibit is to be held in March called “The Lace Unravelled Symposium”. It will bring together curators, academics, experts and artists from the UK, France and Australia.

For more information about the Arts Council England-funded Lace Unravelled project, click here.