Fire damage as seen from the roof

Police investigations are still ongoing a week after a suspected arson attack caused millions of pounds worth of damage to Nottingham train station.

British Transport Police were present at the station this morning appealing to commuters for any information that they may have.

In what looked like a new advancement in the investigation, officers were seen to cordon off an area around Hopkinson vintage, antiques and art centre on Station Street at 11:30 am.

British Transport Police at the scene confirmed that the development was “part of the ongoing investigation into the fire at Nottingham train station”, but could not provide any further details at the time.

Following the advancement, the British Transport Police were contacted and a media spokesperson said: “The British Transport Police are at Nottingham train station to appeal for any information on the fire last week.

“At this time, we do not have any further developments on the Police cordon on Station Road.”

British Transport Police outside Hopkinson vintage, antiques and art center on Station Street

Police officers were also spotted at the train station during the late hours of Thursday 18 January, appealing to anyone who may have been present at the station around the same time last week, in the hours before the incident.

These appeals are part of an arson investigation, as the British Transport Police attempt to ask those who regularly commute at similar hours each week for more information.

In a press release issued from the British Transport Police on Thursday, it was said that the authorities had a particular interest in “any footage that may have been captured on mobile phones or dash cams.”

Arson information appeal board

One week on, people were quick to praise the authorities for controlling the blaze promptly, with all services up and running but a few days later.

Andy Stie, a regular commuter to and from Nottingham, said: “It only disrupted me for a day, and they are coping with it really, really well.

“I think they’ve done a brilliant job.”

The fire broke out at 6.30 GMT on 12 January in the ladies toilets, an area of the station that was added as part of a £60m refurbishment completed in 2014.