Vegan converts and sceptics alike are invited on a tour of Nottingham’s vegan-friendly eateries as part of Veganuary.

Sam Rice is part of the Nottingham Vegan Challenge group and will be leading the tour.

“The challenge is for people who want to try veganism but are not sure how to go about it.”

“When people sign up, they are assigned a mentor to guide them through the transition, with the goal being to show them how easy it is”.

“The tour will showcase all of the fabulous places to eat and shop in Nottingham and hopefully this will convince people to remain vegan after Veganuary.”

Veganuary was started in 2014 and is a registered charity and campaign, encouraging people to try a vegan diet during the month of January.

“Veganuary is a really great thing as it gives people a good starting point,” she adds.

Sam, who is also part of Nottingham Animal Rights, says that she is looking forward to educating people about the ease of going vegan.

“We will be doing a whistlestop tour of around 20 places in the city centre, finishing at The Peacock Pub which has an 100% vegan kitchen.

“There will then be an ‘I Animal’ virtual reality experience for people to take part in.”

The tour will start at 10.30 at the Dice Cup Cafe, a vegan and vegetarian board game cafe and will last around 2 hours.

“Some of my personal favourites are The Peacock Pub, Oscar and Rosie’s and the Alley Cafe!”

Anyone who wants to join the tour should be at the Dice Cup Cafe for 10.30 on Mansfield Road.