Philo's Deli in West Bridgford sells delicious vegan snacks

Veganuary is the latest trend to sweep New Year’s resolutions. It sounds easy, just noshing on salads and green goop, in order to become a hipster for a month…

But there is a lot more to it than that, which arguably makes it even harder than the more notorious Dry January.

Going to the supermarket is draining. Every item you go to, you have to check whether it contains milk, eggs, meat. Whilst leafy greens are no-brainers, things such as sauces and alcohol can surprisingly contain vegan-no-goes. Beer and wine are often filtered with lovely methods such as through fish guts.

The switch to soya milk from normal milk is a shock in terms of price and taste.  Fun fact, cold soya milk curdles in coffee – not something you want to find out when you need a morning caffeine boost! Eating green generally does come with a price tag that not everyone can afford, no matter what supermarket you shop at.

Eat some clean cut vegan food this January

Being vegan does have numerous health benefits from cutting out animal fats. However, it can be really hard to plan effectively so you are getting the vitamins you are missing out on. I’ve been experiencing an increase in tiredness because of this, which has made doing my day-to-day activities difficult.

You can buy supplements via online retailers like Amazon to help with this. Vegavero capsules contain Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Iron and Biotin which are all crucial vitamins that a vegan diet misses out on. Foods such as beans, mushrooms and quinoa are also easy to incorporate into your diet in order to get these nutrients.

Luckily, because being a vegan is so common nowadays, many restaurants cater to it. In Nottingham, all of Annie’s Burger Shack’s burgers can be made vegan. Clean Cut Kitchen specialises in healthy food, including vegan dishes. West Bridgford has Philo’s Deli, which also serves delicious vegan options.

Participating in Veganuary has made me more conscious of what I’m eating, and had a big impact on my lifestyle.  If you’re thinking of trying the latest diet trend, you should give it a go!

  • Over half a million people in the UK are vegan
  • Almost half of vegetarians said they want to reduce their consumption of dietary animal products
  • Google Trends has shown a 90% increase in people searching for ‘vegan’
  • The majority of vegans live in cities