A feel-good musical following a man who rises from nothing to become a household name due to his imagination and sheer determination to succeed.

We are thrown into the film with a flash from the future of what is to come, introducing Hugh Jackman as P.T Barnum, in his dapper circus attire.

Soon after we see him as a young boy taking the audience through his humble beginnings.

Speech turns seamlessly into song as you realise this is a musical, in my case anyway. My first thought was slight dread at the thought of constant singing, however I was pleasantly surprised.

Recalling a similar heart-breaking scene in UP, we see the children grow up through a single song in a matter of minutes dancing in time with bedsheets on a roof. Much more magical than it sounds.

The enchanting music is arguably half of what makes this movie, with a score to be treasured from John Debney and Joseph Trapanese.  

Zac Efron plays his comfortable role as heart throb, confirmed by all the HSM fans in the that have waited 10 years just to hear him sing again.

He then introduces us to Rebecca Ferguson, a “Swedish Nightingale” who’s angelic voice enchants Hugh Jackman, but wrongly so, while wife Charity and his two daughter wait for him at home.

Meanwhile pretty boy Phillip and Anne Wheeler (Zendaya), an expert on the trapeze, where they fly around the room together on ropes, a touching song arguing that they can’t be together as they are from two different worlds.

Ultimately this is a film which celebrates and embraces all aspects of humanity while reinforces you should never be afraid to show who you are.

Prepare to be hoodwinked and amazingly so.