Waverley Street was closed for several hours on Friday, January 12th.

A knife point robbery saw Waverley Street in the city cordoned off for several hours on Friday, January 12.

Police were called in the early hours on Friday morning after a mobile phone was stolen. The incident which happened on Talbot Street caused Waverley Street to be closed after a man was tasered and a police officer was injured.

This caused major travel delays and tram disruption across the city.

“It is very safe here and very friendly”
Jonathan Nambari, Student

However, residents who live near to where the incident happened are concerned about what happened and worry about being victims themselves.

Sophia Thompson of Forest Road West said: “Burglary is quite a big issue, there has been a few incidents near my house and I do not feel as safe as when I first moved in”.

Thiik Majok, 20 of Arthur Street said: “Our next-door neighbours had a break in recently, I  can’t close my window because it has broken so I am quite scared”.

However, other residents say they are not letting the incident bother them.

Jonathan Nambari, 23, who lives in private accommodation said: “It is very safe here and very friendly”.

Susie Culter, 20, of Forest Road East said: “You get incidents like this in every city, it’s just that this one was very close to home.

“I am still going to carry on living my life, I love Nottingham as a city and it is not going to stop me from going out”.

A 22-year-old man was charged with robbery, assault with the intent to resist arrest, obstructing a police officer in the execution of their duty and failing to appear in court at Nottingham Magistrates court on Monday.

An 18 year-old-man has also being arrested in connection with the incident say Notts Police.

Video: Nottingham Residents give their opinion on the Waverley Street incident.

Nottinghamshire Police are advising students with these very helpful tips to prevent robberies:

  • Don’t leave empty electrical boxes outside your home as they indicate that you may have something worth stealing.
  • Contents Insurance – make sure you take out the relevant insurance before moving into University.
  • Only take the cash out that you need. Use a cash machine on campus or when out make sure you pick a cash machine that is in a busy well-lit area.
  • When you’re away from home use timer switches to make it appear your property is occupied.
  • Don’t walk down the street on your mobile phone, this advertises your phone to thieves
  • Install free tracking software such as Prey, so your phone can be traced if it’s stolen.
  • Frequently back up your data (university work, contact lists and photos) to an online back up service, memory stick or external hard drive.