Patients have been assured that car parking services at Nottingham University Hospital will continue to run after the collapse of a business that provides its support services.

Carillion provides car parking services to the NHS Trust by managing First Parking, who take care of enforcement notices, and the car parking permits.

They also provide a range of services including facilities management and road maintenance.

Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust provides care to more than two and a half million Nottingham residents as well as its surrounding communities

However the hospital’s executives have released a statement of reassurance to their patients that the services will continue to run smoothly.

Hospital spokesman, Andrew Chatten, said: “The Trust is reviewing its contract for the future provision of car parking services following today’s announcement that Carillion has gone into liquidation.

“As we work to understand the implications of today’s development, we continue to work in partnership with the on-site Carillion management team to deliver this service and as such we can reassure patients, visitors and staff that there will be no disruption to the running of these services.”

Carillion is making no further comment.