Sling Swing group dancing to Despacito.

Nikki Denning, was always interested in dancing until she had baby Darcy and started dancing with her.

After six years of teaching P.E. and Zumba, Nikki realised she wasn’t getting the balance that she needed to work and look after her daughter. Nikki wanted to carry on dancing and started dancing with some friends from the National Childbirth Trust and enjoyed doing a gentle Zumba dancing. One day she thought to herself I would love to do this for a living and started researching different franchise for her to join until she found Sling Swing.

Sling Swing is a gentle movement dance class where mums and dads carry their babies in soft structured slings, baby carriers or wraps. Founder Carly Birchell, first started Sling Swing based in Wolverhampton in 2014 after she started wearing her baby and it would be a good idea to wear her baby to settle him. After Nikki found the group online she got in contact with Carly and joined the franchise after doing her training, insurances and routines.

Nikki said: “I was nervous at the first one I did, I was doing a free taster and it was really busy I didn’t think there was going to be enough room. Once I got started dancing I was fine.”

Sling Swing is proven to help mothers and fathers with postnatal depression, baby blues and Colic by wearing your baby close to your chest. Having your baby close to your chest is very good as the skin to skin contact makes the baby feel safe and happy. With the gentle motion they often drift off to sleep whilst their parents dance with them.

“I thought it looked good as a way to brighten up my Monday morning”.
Helen Breese, Dance member


They also take part in events such as Lark in the Park in West Bridgford, Gloworm Festival and recently West Bridgford Christmas light switch on. They also did a Macmillan coffee morning where they raised over £75 for charity.

Cecilia Sosa 43, West Bridgford, dance member said: “I joined in November with my three month old baby Noah and it is absolutely perfect for me, it fulfilled my expectations and more. There so many activities you can do but I like the way it can keep you fit and energetic.”

Another member of the dance group, Helen Breese 34, Radcliffe-on-Trent said: “I Started in September this year and I really enjoy it. I used to do Zumba as I used to enjoy dance exercises so it was nice to carry on with my baby now and I thought it looked good as a way to brighten up my Monday morning”.

Now Nikki loves what she does, when she isn’t doing any supply teaching jobs she takes Darcy with her to other dancing, crafts and activity groups. She is also hoping to expand out to other areas starting with Beeston next year and hoping to get more fathers to join the dance group.