Photo accredit to Nottingham Playhouse

The opening night of Nottingham’s Christmas pantomime exceeded expectations and left the audience laughed-out and feeling jolly and festive.

From dancing woodland animals to the ugly step-sisters, Cinderella had everything you could want from a comical family-friendly pantomime.

Cinderella is a classic pantomime favourite that has been covered a thousand times over, yet Kenneth Alan Taylor’s magical adaptation is definitely worth the ticket price.

So, no matter how many times you might have sat down to watch the traditional show, Nottingham’s version will definitely get you ready for Christmas.

The show was opened by Buttons who oozed energy and enthusiasm throughout the whole performance. The fun loving character, played by Tim Frater, as well as having a great singing voice, also played the ukulele which is an added bonus when it comes to musical theatre.

The partnership of Prince Charming, played by James Nicholson and Dandini, played by Andrew Pettigrew, was in itself charming. They sang many duets together, starting with Queen’s timeless classic, Somebody to Love, which set the high standard for the rest of the performance.

Some may have been disappointed by the fact that Cinderella herself was not your classical blonde dame, but for me the beautiful brown-haired actress, Kelly Agredo, certainly made up for it. Her voice impressed the audience and added a beauty into the crazy and wacky show.

A great performance was given by the ugly step-sisters

And of course, you can’t talk about Cinderella without mentioning the notorious, ugly step-sisters. John Elkington and Darren Southworth took on the roles of Bella and Donna and did not disappoint. They were certainly ugly in their extravagant outfits and hairstyle, but their outrageous and hilarious performances made the show.

On top of the great cast, there was also no fault with the design elements of the production.  The sparkling set and the dazzling effects gave the performance a strand of magic and brought it to life, which was loved by all the children and families attending.

It can’t be denied that the any part of the performance was underacted or lacked energy so if you and your family are looking to get into the Christmas spirit, I would definitely recommend taking yourselves down to Nottingham Playhouse for a night of giggles, glitter and glam.

Tickets can be brought online on the Nottingham Playhouse official website or at the box office. Prices of the tickets start at £23 but may be subject to change.