Coco Lounge is to become Peggys Skylight jazz bar in April 2018.

A Nottingham jazz duo are preparing to open their very own club in Hockley’s creative quarter.

Rachel Foster and Paul Deats, known professionally as Me and Mr Jones, are set to open the doors of Peggy’s Skylight in April using their own musical background which inspired them to open the business.

Replacing the old Coco Lounge on St George Street, the new venue will host live music and entertainment as well as food with a Middle Eastern theme.

Paul is a professional saxophonist and pianist and Rachel a vocalist and have said this project has been a dream of theirs for many years.

They said: “In some respects, this dream has probably been bubbling under the surface for as much as 10-15 years although the seed probably began with us wondering how we could present our music more effectively to the public.”

The aim is to bridge the gap between young and old showing everyone how jazz can be: “young, exciting and inspiring”.

Next year, the couple are keen to support Nottingham Mela, an event run by The New Art Exchange in Hyson Green, by bringing together a jazz fusion from a collection of artists.

Ideas for the unusual cuisine comes from replicating the journey jazz musician Duke Ellington and his orchestra took in 1963 to Syria.

The menus will include mezes, harissa and Persian rice dishes taking inspiration from Lebanon, New Orleans, North Africa and Cyprus.

Peggy’s Skylight would be adding to the growing creative quarter in Nottingham’s Hockley area which is recognised by the owners.

“We chose Nottingham for many reasons not only because we live here and it really is a fantastic city but right now it really feels like Nottingham is a burgeoning cultural hub with the likes of Broadway, Dance 4 and Nottingham Contemporary.

“However, we believe there is an opening for a good jazz venue that showcases the top talent we have here and attracts great musicians from around the country and further afield.”

There plans to be no daily entry cost, however cost of tickets are to be expected for events held in the evening.

Plans are in the making to fundraise a campagin to raise money for a grand piano as the owners feel “Peggy’s wouldn’t be complete without a grand piano”.

Updates on Peggy’s Skylight’s Facebook and Instagram accounts will share information nearer to the opening.