Crowds wait to catch a glimpse of the newly engaged couple

Nottingham was the centre of attention last Friday (Dec 1) when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited the city to mark their first public appearance together.

Here’s what I think of the whole affair that has been unfolding over the past week, of which is not an awful lot.

Harry and Meghan’s engagement is lovely news for Britain, however it’s not going to be anything more than that.

With Harry being fifth in line to the throne and close to being dropped down again to sixth, their imminent wedding doesn’t really hold any significance for the Monarchy.

Ms Markle’s acting career, American nationality, divorce and race, are all things that some people are still deeming to be highly scandalous.

All of these facts however do not matter, should not matter and will not matter in any way.

In the past it may have been different and had made more of an impact but to be honest it seems a bit of a shock to everyone that he’s even getting married at all after his partying exploits, so go Harry.

In the light of the happy couple visiting Nottingham it seems that they both want to focus on and use the royal platform to work very closely with charities.

People came from all over Nottingham and presumably the world to catch a glimpse of them and with all eyes on the city last Friday it only could have been a good thing.

The couple’s visit will only have helped Nottingham businesses and pin-pointed the city as a great place to visit.

The streets that are normally short of shoppers became flowing with people and an unbelievable amount of police officers.

Every time a royal event happens it’s always astounding as to the public reaction it gets, because every other day of the year no one seems to care about the royal family.

However Harry and Meghan are just a couple in love and if they can make something good of the fact that they are in an incredibly huge spotlight then that’s great but other than that they’re still just a couple.