News for you: NTU vice-chancellor Edward Peck (centre) with Carole Fleming, director of CBJ (left), and Mike Sassi, Nottingham Post editor, at the signing which was covered by CBJ students. Credit: Megan O'Dwyer

Nottingham Trent University and Trinity Mirror are joining forces to develop projects aimed at widening opportunities for students and promoting the city of Nottingham.

The partnership formalises a long-standing relationship between NTU and the Trinity Mirror-owned Nottingham Post, which includes student journalists at the Centre for Broadcasting and Journalism (CBJ) doing work placements at the Post, sometimes leading to full-time posts with the paper.

Speaking at the official signing of the agreement, held at the centre on Thursday (November 16) and attended by students and staff, Professor Edward Peck, vice-chancellor of NTU, said: “It is in relationships like these that we build a reputation particularly for employability of our students.”

Post editor Mike Sassi said there was a significant community dimension to the agreement.

“The big beneficiary of this compact between NTU and Trinity Mirror is Nottingham,” he said, adding that what he looks for in prospective employees is “intelligence and enthusiasm.”

In addition to employability, the deal affords students the opportunity to work alongside and be mentored by professional journalists, build their portfolio and adjust to the pressures of the industry.

Sponsorship of events and other business-related projects are also included in the agreement.

Report by BA Journalism students.