Secretary of Nottingham Trent University's Vegetarian Society, Becky Rizos

World Vegan Month takes place worldwide every November, celebrating veganism in restaurants, shops and workplaces in city centres like Nottingham.

With Nottingham being host to over 300,000 residents, two large universities and a bustling social scene, veganism is rife in the city and World Vegan Month is welcomed.

Social Secretary for Nottingham Trent University’s Vegetarian Society, Becky Rizos said; “I think there is definitely a stigma attached to veganism, but I think it is getting better as people understand the environment effects of meat-eating”.

World Vegan Society encourage people worldwide to become vegan in World Vegan Month by creating The Vegan Pledge, and diminishing stigmas that come with the lifestyle of a vegan.

“Vegan dough tastes better, and we even make vegan chocolate frosting”
Wade Smith, Doughnotts owner


The number of vegans in Britain has increased by 360% in the past 10 years

Google search trends show a 90% increase in the search of ‘vegan’ in 2016

More than 1.5 million Americans aged over 17 are now vegan

Vegan products grew by 96% in Australia in 2017

Nottingham’s own doughnut shop, Doughnotts, are known to encourage veganism.

Wade Smith, Doughnotts owner, said; “Vegan Dough tastes better and we use it for all our doughnuts”.

Vegan doughnuts available at Nottingham’s Doughnotts.

Through the rising effect of social media, veganism is seen more in the public eye and awareness is soaring.

In 2016 researchers found that there are half a million vegan in the UK, which is three times more than in 2006.

Months like World Vegan Month generate conversation on the topic, and allow for further research and possibly future vegans.