Macaron Marlo is set to be the newest addition to the upper mall in the Intu Victoria Centre.

Macaron Marlo opened its doors on 3 November and is hosting a celebratory opening this Saturday.

Allena Marlo, head patissier at Macaron Marlo, works full-time. She is self-trained and specialises in baking only. primarily making traditional macarons with French artisanal methods.

This means all the products sold are made with almond flour and so gluten intolerant macaron fans have nothing to fear from Macaron Marlo.

With a traditional style of baking, Allena puts an inventive twist on a few of her recipes. She hopes these modern-day flavours will appeal to all generations in the new age of niche outlet stores.

Inventive twist on macaron flavours

Allena has always been interested in sweet things as she was raised in Mityana, a small village in Uganda, where refined sugars were a scares luxury.

After unexpectedly losing her job, Allena took this opportunity to travel round Spain. Here she found inspiration from independent stores to open up her own business.

With a degree in Business Management and a masters in Global Entrepreneurship, Allena thought this was something to fall back to and knew the business could make it if she tried.

Macaron Marlo has been trading its goods for the past year all over the country at farmer’s markets, food and drink festivals and any opportunity to sell to the public.

Allena Marlo said: “It’s been a great journey and a good testing ground for the strength of our product.”

Macaron tower suitable for a gift

Macaron Marlo still plans on selling their goods at farmer’s markets and food festivals, but Allena likes the idea of having a base for her business, and it being in her hometown of Nottingham makes it even better.

She added: “Having a shop in our home town means that we don’t have to make every delivery in person, local customers can enjoy a click and collect service but more so, a platform to continue being creative.”

Stephen Barker, CEO of Creative Quarter, gave comment about ex stall renter, Allena Marlo: “She is very dedicated and has put many long days into the development of her business.

“She is also establishing her product as a viable gifting option and an attractive alternative to chocolate & flowers!”

Even though it is a specialist business, Stephen still sees the potential to reach a wide market through corporate and general public sales and benefiting from both worlds.

Macaron set, perfect for gift giving