Love Island's Iain Stirling

BAFTA award-winning Iain Stirling came to Nottingham Trent University on Monday, November 6 to delight the crowd with his witty jokes.

Storming the stage first for Nottingham Comedy Festival 2017 was supporting comedian Pierre Novellie, who acted as the transition between each act.

Pierre’s favourite audience member to pick on was someone he called “jeans” which was a poor girl in the front row wearing ‘pyjama-like’ trousers.

It was safe to say he used her as his main joke of the night – much to the audience’s delight.

I nervously sat in the middle of the crowd, trying not to be seen, as I didn’t want to be next in the firing line.

Pierre was funny with his jokes towards the audience, but when Iain came on, I thought he was too harsh.

Audience waiting for their acts in anticipation.

The voice of ITV2’s Love Island used his experience from the show to swear his way through the act, mainly telling rude jokes and stories, as well as tearing audience members apart.

This element was funny for the crowd but maybe not so much for those concerned.

Second to the stage was recent nominee for Best Show Edinburgh Fringe, James Loveridge, who loved to speak about his fiancée.

This act was really relatable as he mainly told stories of his life from university all the way through to his 30th birthday, each story being just as funny as the next.

The doors opened at 7pm at the city campus’ Students’ Union venue, with many people filing in early and waiting for the main act.

Iain Stirling’s first time at the Student Union.

It was a long wait, but worth it as the Scottish comedian made the whole room erupt with laughter.

I definitely recommend Stirling and the other two supporting comedians – but perhaps not so much if you get offended easily.

These three comedy acts relied on the audience members as the focus of their jokes maybe a little too much throughout.

I would like to see Stirling add more range and depth to his performance, as I felt the swearing was unnecessary and his jokes could be too hurtful for certain people.

Stirling returns to the city on May 25 at Nottingham Playhouse for his 2018 tour, tickets on sale here.