A couple who buy a poppy every year to remember their relatives lost during World War I.

As Armistice day is upon us many people open their hearts and donate what they can to mark the occasion by wearing a poppy.

Remembrance Sunday takes place on the second Sunday of November. This year it will take place on Sunday, 12 November.

Many locals, young and old, have bought a poppy to remember lives that were lost during the first World War.

A couple marking Remembrance Day with their poppies.

“I buy a poppy every year, we need to remember the people that died in the war.”
Josh Mann, Student

The symbolic flowers are being sold inside the INTU Victoria Centre, and various coffee shops in Nottingham.

There are no set prices, you simply donate what you can to the Royal British Legion. The old one pound coins are also accepted.

Poppies are being sold at Costa on Goldsmith Street, Nottingham.

Josh Mann, 19, a student from Nottingham said: “Remembrance Day is important, it marks the day that the world changed. I buy a poppy every year, we need to remember the people that died in the war.”

However, some people have decided not to buy a poppy this year.

“I haven’t bought a poppy because I don’t believe I should. Buying a poppy would mean that I agree with young people giving up their lives and participating in War.” Said Amanda McDonald, 47, a shopper in Nottingham.

Remembrance Sunday is on Sunday 12 November.

Over 16 million people died during World War I.

Poppies are being sold in the INTU Victoria Centre, Nottingham.

The UK holds a two minute silence at 11am every 11 November.