Annual parade outside Nottingham the council house.

In the lead up to Remembrance Sunday, Nottingham remembers those that have fallen in conflicts since the First World War.

In and around Nottingham the Royal British Legion branch and Nottingham Rotary Club have been busy planning ways to raise money for the poppy appeal.

From fun runs to marches and parades, people are keen to remember our local and national history.

Honorary Rotarian Shirley Mee, 81, described her own personal attachment to the cause and why she is passionate about selling poppies.

“My father was a war veteran. He was in the RAF dambusters. I remember missing him as a child vividly.” She added: “I think its important people ought to remember because we wouldn’t be walking around free people if it wasn’t for the soldiers who fought for us.”

Here are some ways in which you can get involved and help donate in and around Nottingham.

1) Nottingham Rotary Club is encouraging people to buy poppies this year from inside the city’s Victoria Centre.

2) Nottingham also held the Poppy Run on November, 5 in Wollaton Park where hundreds of runners completed a 5km run, walk or jog.

3) The annual service of Remembrance and Parade will take place at the County War Memorial on the Embankment at 10:45 am.

4) There will be a representation of the serving Armed Forces which will be followed by a reception held in the council house.

5) A service for our own local South Nottinghamshire Hussars will take place in St. Mary’s Church in Lace Market where after they will march past the city council into the market square.

Previous  remembrance parade in Market Square

To donate to the Royal British Legion visit here.