Hummus and roast vegetable sandwich.

The Peacock Inn specialises in vegan food and is encouraging Nottingham residents to give up meat for November.

The Mansfield Road venue is a traditional Victorian pub with all the cosy features, however, all the food they sell is 100 per cent vegan.

This fits with Cancer Research UK’s latest campaign which is challenging everyone to go vegetarian during November.

Veg Pledge month’s aim is to help spread awareness of bowel cancer by cutting down on meat consumption.

Customers can order their favourite pub food in vegan form, everything from a lamb roast to a chicken burger, even vegan beers and ales.

“It is easier to become a vegetarian now, try not to overthink it, it is easier than you think”.
Michael Scholes, Landlord

The pub went vegan-friendly in September 2016 and has many tasty substitutes for meat, making it easier for people to get involved with Veg Pledge month.

Landlord Micheal Scholes, who is a vegetarian himself, said: “It is easier to become a vegetarian now, try not to overthink it, it is easier than you think.

“Do not try too hard, there is so much out there, it is not difficult.”

In 2014, 15,903 people died of bowel cancer in the UK and the charity is encouraging people to sponsor their friends and families by going veggie for a month.

The menu for The Peacock Inn.

The national charity also want people to get involved as it can help people save money, boost intake of high-fibre foods and learn some new recipes.

The Peacock Inn are hosting a Gourmet Burger Night on Thursday, 16 November. You can get more details here.

If you would like to know more about how to get involved with Veg Pledge Month you can visit Cancer Research UK.