Arboretum pond closed for maintenance

Maintenance on the Arboretum Pond in Nottingham has officially commenced after issues with the pipe work were causing problems within the park.

Nottingham City Council has started the conservation of the park’s pond by draining it and have immediately began work on repairing the faulty plumbing issues.

Issues with the bowl of the pond had led to water levels of the pond falling and affecting the surrounding environment.

A spokesperson for the council  has stated that the work taking place is “only maintenance,” and is being done as the council “does not want to waste water.”

The council have stated that they will aim to carry out the preservation of the pond whilst creating minimal impact to the parks wildlife and have claimed that the contractors are aware of this issue.

The Arboretum, Nottingham

Workers who are on site have been told to work with consideration for the environment when fixing the issues at the bottom of the pond, which they are hoping will get fixed as soon as possible.

Whilst undergoing the restoration of the pond, the council hopes to address any other issue with the pond and to address all the problems with the pipe system, however no new features to the fountain are expected.

The park, whilst still being open will be without the pond and fountain for at least two weeks until the maintenance restores the pond and fountain to its former glory.