Members of the city council assist an overturned car. Photo Credit: BBC Radio Nottingham

A car ended up on its side following a collision on London Road during rush hour.

Two cars were in involved in the incident which happened opposite Hooters on Tuesday morning.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service were called at 8:01 am to the accident.

The incident caused one of the two cars, a Toyota Yaris, to topple onto its right side.

Two men who appeared to be employees of Nottingham City Council were seen pushing the car back onto four wheels whilst rush hour traffic swerved around the accident.

The fire servie confirmed no one was injured and the crew left the scene at 8:18 am.

Nottinghamshire Police were called out to the scene but confirmed there were no injuries.

BBC Radio Nottingham released a video of the incident on twitter at 9:37 am.

Nottingham Travelwise sent out an alert by tweeting that there were delays on London road whilst they waited on the emergency services to arrive.