Jess Tebbett painting her geo-creations

Pick up a rock, paint it, hide it and see if anyone else finds it .This new trend is making its way through Nottingham, with children and their parents all around enthusiastically getting into it .

Notts Rocks, a Facebook page set up by Nottingham City Council employee Leila Mills inspired by her friend, who set up the Derbyshire venture of the same, has gained more than 13,000 members in less than a month.

Leila, 35, says she set it up for families to have a good time.

She says: “It’s kind of like a treasure hunt. It gets kids away from television and computer screens, and prompts them to actually go out. The parents have also gotten into it, which is nice”

Rocks are painted in a variety of colourful themes


Jess Tebbett, 22, and her mother both claim to have started the rock-painting craze in Ollerton and Boughton.

“We loved the idea of making people smile by doing something so simple as painting a rock”

Jess Tebbett, admin assistant

Jess takes a very creative approach to rock-painting.

At the end of the October she painted Halloween-themed rocks in celebration of her favourite holiday.

She has many more ideas planned with Remembrance day and Christmas to come within the next two months.

Jess’ Halloween-themed rocks


She says she got into it after seeing a news article about Beverley Rocks – the first rock-painting group in the UK.

She adds: “We loved the idea of making people smile by doing something so simple as painting a rock. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life so I love that we can potentially brighten someone’s day.”

Jess also sees the Nottingham Facebook group as a great way to meet some new people.

Easy, cheap and creative, this simple trend has worked wonders in getting children (and parents) to venture out and discover new places.