Footage showing young people in Nottingham acting dangerously on the city’s trams has been released to curb anti-social behaviour on the service.

Nottingham Express Transit (NET), the company in charge of running the trams, uploaded CCTV footage of people attempting to break through tram doors and running in front of them.

In addition to this, images were shown indicating significant damage to trams caused by people throwing stones at windows.

Louis Walmsley, NET’s head of safety, said: “Trams rank among the safest forms of public transport and we want it to stay that way.

“Throwing objects at passing trams and playing far too close to the tracks can put lives in danger and we need to drive that message home to young people.”

The video’s release coincides with reports that public transport workers across the country are being subjected to abuse on a regular basis.

A London survey showed that one in eight bus drivers had been spat at in the past year, whilst 86 per cent had been subjected to verbal abuse in the same time period.

Nottingham City Councillor Sally Longford said: “The tram is a fantastic way of getting around the city, and it’s important our children and young people are aware of how to keep themselves and others safe around the network.”