An array of sandwiches line the counters of the Ugly Bread Bakery.

Nottingham’s locals rolled up for one of Great Britain’s best loved lunchtime staples – National Sandwich Day.

Whether you’re a lover of a plain classic or a more jam-packed BLT, a crusty roll or a flatbread; there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Created by John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich during a marathon poker game in the 18th century, sandwiches have remained in the hearts – and the lunchboxes of British people.

Not wanting to leave the gaming table for dinner, he asked a servant to bring him a piece of meat stuffed between two slices of toast so he wouldn’t smear food on his cards.

His was said to consist of meat and herbs between slices of Matzah, a Jewish unleavened flatbread.

However you choose to celebrate on this sarnie-ist of days, there’s no doubt that sandwiches make up a huge portion of the UK’s daily meals, with an estimated 11.5bn consumed each year – worth £7.5bn.

In 2016, Birds Eye researched Britain’s top 50 sandwiches, with the number one choice of 18-44 year olds being ham and cheese, closely followed by the trusty fish finger sandwich.

Whilst meaty fillings such as chicken and fish rose in popularity, avocado and cheese with pickled onion, fell down the popularity rankings.

A number of Nottingham business are celebrating National Sandwich Day with special promotions, including Subway – who are giving giving holders of a Subcard 500 points to claim a free six-inch sub on Friday November 3.

Participating stores in Nottingham include; The Victoria Centre, Hounds Gate, Carrington Street, and Alfreton Road.

In celebration of all things sandwich, we went out in to the streets of Nottingham to find out what people like between their slices: