Callum Coleman, 22, a University Student says social media plays the biggest part in the image obsession.

In an age where social media presence and appearance are paramount, pressure on the younger generation to look good is at an all time high.

The sudden surge in discussion surrounding the issue, and especially pressure to have plastic surgery, has been caused by two viral stories on ITV’s ThisMorning.

Pixee Fox appeared on the breakfast show having undergone more than 200 surgeries, including the removal of six ribs in order to make her waist smaller.

On top of this, air hostess Martina Big featured having used tanning injections to alter her complexion from white to black.

It is clear that some residents of Nottingham, the city that was recently voted the United Kingdom’s best place in which to be single, believe recent plastic surgery developments have gone too far.

Julia Taylor from Hucknall, 46, was concerned about the superficial nature of social media. “Really beauty comes from the inside, not the outside.

She added: ” I think there’s more pressure for younger people, especially through social media, to look like film stars and magazine models.

23 year-old Aysha Begum from West Bridgford held a similar view, believing that models on picture-based social media sites, such as Instagram, may be having an effect on the younger generation.

She said: ” Every Instagram model portrays the fact you have to be curvy or the fact that you have to have fleaky make-up all of the time.”

“It’s absolutely disgusting because it seems like natural beauty isn’t considered a thing anymore.”

Gedling resident Callum Coleman, 22, also linked Instagram to the discussion.

“I’m not really phased by how I look personally, but I can see that with social media, Instagram especially, there’s more of a pressure to look good.”