Cannabis should be a legal substance in the UK, available only for online-purchase, according to a new report.

After pro-drug think tank Volteface released a report claiming that a regulated online cannabis market for anyone older than 21 is essential in the UK.

A 32-page report, written by journalist, author and online drug market expert Mike Power, claims that the legalisation of cannabis is necessary in order to stop illegal drug deals, as well as to make sure that the billions of pounds raised by drug sales goes to the government.

“Surely the focus needs to be on preventing drug use entirely.”

We asked Nottingham residents what their opinion was on the potential change.

Construction worker John Raymond, 37, was far from impressed by the proposition of legalising cannabis.

The Thornley Street resident said: “It doesn’t sound like a great idea to be honest.

“Surely the focus needs to be on preventing drug use entirely, rather than finding ways to help people access them.”

23-year-old fellow Nottingham resident, Theo Drucker expressed a similar opinion.

“To me it sounds like a guy hooked on drugs trying to make it easier for himself!”

The grocery store assistant manager said: “Even if that’s not the case, making drugs that easy to access won’t help anyone.”

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University students Max Winslow, 19, and housemate Joseph Gilmore, 20, felt that the concept of legalisation was less straightforward.

Mr Winslow, from Gregory Boulevard, said: “If they’re pushing legalisation for medical purposes then that’s different, but I think people are really reluctant to even listen to campaigners.”

“I don’t really know where their priorities lie, if they want it legalised for recreational use then that’s harder to get on board with.”

Fellow student Joseph Gilmore added: “It’s a complicated and probably flawed concept.

“But the fact that we’re even talking about it shows that it’s obviously being considered, which makes me think it must have its merits.”

“I think people are really reluctant to even listen to campaigners.”

Social worker Sally Morgan of Bluecoat Street, Nottingham, suggested that legalising the drug will lead to deeper problems that have not been considered by pro-legalisation campaigners.

The 48-year-old resident said: “A lot of people who I help at work have had trouble with cannabis. Because it is a gateway drug, they get hooked on it and move on to stronger drugs…legalisation will destroy lives, because it will make doing drugs acceptable.

“But then cannabis will not be enough, and they’ll move on to potentially deadly stuff”.

Around 2.1 million people illegally use cannabis every year, according to government figures.

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