National Drink Wine Day falls annually on February 18 and celebrates the health benefits and it’s role in history.

Research has proven that a moderate wine drinker can enjoy benefits such as a longer life, healthier heart and decreased risk of cancer.

Nottingham based charity Double Impact work towards supporting individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and helps build new lives free from their dependency.

Marketing and events coordinator for Double Impact, Jason Loftus, said: “Depending on the individual wine, it can have quite an impact on your liver and kidneys. You can get wines which have an alcohol volume from 11.5% up to 15% which when you drink you are subjecting them organs to an intensive and aggressive work out.”

Alcohol guidelines from the DrinkAware say that men and women should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week which amounts to no more than six 175ml glasses of wine.

“If you’re having a couple of glasses with some nice food as opposed to 3 bottles of wine in, sitting on a street corner screaming at strangers and having wet yourself, there’s a large difference so it’s all about the individual and their recognition of the impact on them.

Jason added: “The thing about wine is that it’s easier to get dependent on it because it’s seen as a certain way, you think about white lightening cider or vodka then you say red wine it elicits a different mental picture and that’s where the danger lies, because it’s much more accepted by society.”

Alcohol is known to be a depressant and inhibits our emotions, it is also proven to be a leading cause of clinical depression and can contribute to extreme cases of anxiety after a night of drinking.


Lewis Alonso, Manager of Dino Wine Bar in Nottingham, said: “Wine is a nice drink when you’re out socialising with friends, it helps people to relax and unwind and there’s such a variety to try.

“Our strongest is the red Châteauneuf-du-Pape which comes in at 14.5% and I would say the usual limit on a night out is 2-3 glasses of wine.”

While the fermented grape drink can be a good choice to help you let your hair down it should still be handled responsibly and if you consume a full 14 units of alcohol a week it is advised to spread it out over three or more days to reduce health risks.

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