The world renowned Caravan Gallery which has travelled around the world is due to launch a Sneinton Pride of Place project in March.

Commissioned by Nottingham charity, The Renewal Trust, the project hopes to create a unique piece of artwork identifiable to Sneinton by using artwork, artefacts, objects, stories, poems and memorabilia donated by people living in the area.

The Caravan Gallery which started in 2000, has toured some of the most iconic art venues and festivals around the world.

It will visit various locations in Sneinton with an exhibition of photographs from all over the UK, as well as Nottingham, to attract people’s curiosity and encourage them to contribute to the People’s Exhibition.

Suzannah Bedford, Creative Director at The Renewal Trust, explains: “Bringing The Caravan Gallery to Sneinton is a great way to involve people who feel like art galleries or shows aren’t for them – because it will go to the people and help residents to create an exhibition about Sneinton, by and for them.

“The Caravan Gallery is the perfect starting point, especially for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access such opportunities.”

It hopes to celebrate Sneinton past, present and future will explore people’s connection to the local area.  Visitors will be invited to add their thoughts, memories and observations to a large hand drawn map – The People’s Map of Sneinton – and fill in an unusually entertaining survey.

Internationally renowned photographers from Sneinton, Jan and Chris, hope to get involved in the project, and explain how they create their work: “We use colour photography to create accessible but thought-provoking images which frequently celebrate overlooked and occasionally bizarre aspects of everyday life.”

The Caravan Gallery will be at:

  • Green’s Mill and Science Centre on Sunday 5th March from 10am-4pm
  • Hermitage Square, Sneinton on Wednesday 15th March from 11am-5pm
  • Secret Location on Saturday 11th March – to be revealed at a later date
  • Sneinton Market, Saturday 18th March, 9am-1pm

The final celebration event will take place at Unit 5, Sneinton Market Avenues on Saturday 18th March, from 1pm. For more information visit the Caravan Gallery website here.