Turkish restaurant Ala Turka is to hold its first night of belly dancing at the West Bridgford venue after a hugely successful first five months of business.

It  has proved very popular with people in the area since opening in September last year, and they are hoping to attract even more customers to its Nottingham branch by putting on a live belly dancing show.

The Nara Bellydancers will be performing on 14 March from 7pm.

Customers who have eaten at Ala Turka have been largely positive about the news.

Louise Wicks, 23, said: “I think it’s a brilliant idea, it’ll gain a lot of interest and it would be an experience that people who go there would enjoy.”

Pranay Dube, of Mansfield Road, was also full of praise for the restaurant’s new addition, saying: “Everything about the restaurant was really good and it was a lively environment, and I think belly dancing nights will add to the atmosphere and create a real buzz.”