It’s been over a year since their last album release, but Amber Run are back with their dynamic 12 track release: For a Moment, I Was Lost.

The four-piece formed whilst studying at the University of Nottingham and played their fourth ever show on the BBC introducing stage at Reading Festival in 2013.

After band member Felix Archer left the group unexpectedly last year the band faced an uncertain future, unsure whether they would make a comeback. But they did, and they’re back stronger than ever.

Insomniac is a punchy, upbeat opening track. The piano (played by Henry Wyeth) features heavily at the start, building up to the gripping vocals of lead singer Joe Keogh. It’s an exciting song to kick off the album and leads into No Answers, a single released in 2016.

No Answers is one of the stand out tracks on the album. It’s a song which shows complexity and potential; a catchy tune with exciting riffs, stunning vocals and intricate guitar solos (played by Will Jones and bassist Tom Sperring) all interlaced to create a dramatic piece of music.

The band’s favourite track, Island, which includes the lyrics “I forgot where I was, and For a Moment I Was Lost” gives the name to the album. It’s a complex arrangement which captures the heart of the album. One of the best things about this track is the harmonies which are seemingly flawless and the lyrics too are haunting; “When I die don’t waste your flowers on me.”

The struggles the band have faced over the past year are woven throughout the album. Haze, the first song released as a single is slow and simple with thrilling harmonies, written about the dark times they faced. One of the most refreshing things the band manage to pull off in this album is that it’s not your typical record about falling in or out of love, it’s maturity to deal with ‘real’ subjects is unconventional to say the least.

White Lie and Machine are the most forgettable tracks on the album, both slow songs they lack a bit of oomph which can only come from experience; they still are a relatively new up and coming band. The tracks are not terrible by any means but compared to explosive tracks such as Perfect, No Answers and Are You Home? They seem a little subdued.

The final track Wastelands is the perfect closing anthem. It showcases a bit of everything which made the album so thrilling: fiery instrumentals – which make up the bulk of the track, stunning harmonies and often captivating vocals. It’s pulled off with great success.

Amber Run have challenged the norms with this album; mature, simplistic yet complex, and have undeniably got past the hurdle of the second album slump. It’s exciting to look at what has been produced now and think about what we can expect from them in the future – they’re a band with potential to go far.