A Nottingham campaign which helps to provide tampons and sanitary pads for homeless and disadvantaged women is being backed by local independent businesses across the city.

The Monthly Gift Notts, which was set up last September, has helped a number of women through donations given by the public in bin deposits located within the city centre.

Campaign founder, Paige Bromley, was inspired by a similar charity set up in Manchester which offered disadvantaged women access to sanitary products before bringing it to the city herself.

Since kick starting the charity, Paige has received support from a number of Nottingham organisations including Cow and Rough Trade.

The 23-year-old said: “The campaign first started in Manchester by a woman called Christina Ward so I messaged her to see how I could help. From there she gave me lots of useful information and tips.

“It’s such a great idea. It’s really sad to think women who are less fortunate have to go through this every month on top of everything else they’re worrying about, whether that being food or shelter.

“Luckily for us we don’t have to worry about personal hygiene as resources such as tampons and sanitary towels are so readily available.”

lots of people think it’s a dirty thing that should be kept quiet

Paige relies solely on donations deposited at local organisations before taking them to shelters including Emmanuel House, Goose Gate where they are then passed on to women who require them.

But for the former politics student, the campaign has also been a way of discussing the taboo surrounding periods.

She said: “I really wanted to promote the discussion surrounding periods. Lots of people think it’s a dirty thing that should be kept quiet.

“When you’re a teenager it’s something all the boys laugh at and make fun out of but in reality 50% of the population go through it, so why shouldn’t we be talking about it?”

Lynne Bools-Roberts, manager of vintage clothing store Cow on Carlton Street, believes female hygiene is a ‘necessity’ for those on the streets.

The shop, who have backed the campaign since September, offer 10% clothing discount to customers who donate sanity products in store.

Lynne, 23, said: “We heard about the campaign through our clothing store in Manchester so we reached out to Paige in Nottingham to see how we could get involved.

“It’s not something you would particularly think about but imagine going without whilst you were on you period, it’s a necessity. We get so many people coming into the shop to donate which is really great.

“We really hope Paige is able to take this campaign to the next level so the whole country know about it.”