Nottingham Trent’s Enactus team will be taking on the challenge of Jailbreak for the first time on February 25.

Enactus is an international non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. They work with teams of outstanding university students to create community development projects that put people’s individual talents at the centre of achieving their best.

Next Saturday the Trent ‘prisoners’ have 36 hours to get as far away from ‘Trent jail’ as far as they can. With no rules and no money.

Trent Enactus are currently fundraising to give them that extra boost in their journey.

The four teams are called Brackenhurst Bandits, Rebellious Rogues, A Pair of Peaches and Pudding Squad.

Enactus said: “We’re really excited to see how far the teams can get and it’s a great opportunity to raise awareness for their social enterprise projects. These are real projects working with real people to improve their lives, from refugees to vulnerable women.”

The Enactus teams will be venturing out into the East Midlands using only their persuasion and entrepreneurship skills to get as many miles away from the Midlands. They will hopefully hitchhike in cars, get on trains and even get sponsored to get on a plane.

Rebellious Rogue team member, Abigail Sheppard, said: “I am really excited to test my influencing and negotiation skills whilst Shanice and I are out on the road. As well as our initiative by getting as far away as from the UK as possible.”

Previous teams from other universities have got as far as Argentina, Prague and even as far as Australia.

Enactus added: “Each project aims to build a sustainable business that will benefit and empower as many people as possible for as long as they’re needed. EnactusNTU will use the money raised to support our existing projects and start new ones to maximise the impact we can have around Nottingham and further afield.”

Abigail added: “Both my partner and I are ecstatic to start next weekend. Knowing us, we are going to have a pretty funny time, especially if we make it as far as we are planning. However, we do wish each team the best of luck!”

If you would like to donate please follow the link below: