Police have responded to what they say are inaccurate statements regarding incidents involving people with mental health issues.

Earlier this week BBC released figures showing police related mental health incidents, and Freedom of Information requests found Nottinghamshire recording the most.

Parliament Street, an organisation that looks at social and community issues, has also called for more investment in services in order to decrease numbers.

Police Sergeant Anthony Horsnall of Nottinghamshire Police said: “We have made significant improvements in the way we deal with mental health.

He added: “We have reviewed and made significant improvements in the way that we record police incidents that are linked to mental health and this is reflected in the data and we also have to consider data in line with many other areas such as socio-economic factors in country.

“We are very proud of our Street Triage Team who have achieved the highest combined reduction in the need to arrest using the Mental Health Act and the use of Police Cells as a place of safety.”

Street triage involves a joint mental health service and policing approach to an individual in crisis or at risk.

He said: “We have excellent relationships with our partners including Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust meaning officers can contact a mental health professional throughout the day for help and support when dealing with Mental Health incident.”


Street Triage is an ongoing partnership which aims to support access to appropriate crisis care to provide more room, which can be the first point of contact according to Professor Kane.

The government is investing £30m in providing better and improved services for people with mental health.

Val Stevens, suicide and self-harm consultant of Harmless Nottingham, said: “The government should focus this investment on providing more resources need to be put in to support people and make information on how to get help more accessible.”

Sergeant Horsnall agreed and said they will continue to work with the NHS Commissioners and Partner agencies in Nottingham to provide the best possible service and access to those who have mental health issues.