There are currently over 18.5 million children across the world who have lost both of their parents in unfortunate circumstances.

Operation Orphan is a Nottingham based charity who focus on helping children all over the world who find themselves in this position by providing them with clothing, education, shelter and nutrition.

Charity Director and Co-Founder Cyrilyn Moore said: “We have volunteers and we do some fundraising ourselves which includes community fundraising, we arrange events such as fashion shows and pamper evenings which are held locally.

“Because our core running costs are funded by an organisation called DANBRO and another one is The Media Collective who sponsor us, so that means when members of the public donate to us every bit of it goes to support the orphans and we like to celebrate that.”

The charity regularly holds fundraising events and global expeditions, for their next trip they are going to Uganda later this month to visit their partner school to see the students and carry on with their good work.

A particularly special fundraising effort is being carried out by nine-year-old Freddi Browring from Long Eaton who is taking part in the Swiss Alpine Running Festival which takes place at Davos in Switzerland.

Freddi’s mum, Tabitha Browring, said: “She said she wanted to raise money and an advert came on TV for WaterAid and she said she wanted to raise money for those children and I said ‘What, WaterAid?’ and Freddi said ‘No, the children on the TV like them who don’t have mummies and daddies.

“She said ‘there’s some children whose mummies and daddies have been in the Army and they don’t have them anymore’. Freddi lives with me whilst her dad is based away as he’s in the military so she’s quite aware of children who don’t have mums or dads or don’t have one of their parents around.”

Freddi and her family are travelling to Switzerland for the festival on the July 28 so in the meantime she’s in training to get ready for the 1.4km children’s marathon around Davos which is when she’s raising the money for Operation Orphan.

“I’m a fitness instructor and I do online live videos for my clients so Freddi joins in and does the 10 minute HIT classes every day and we go out running too.”

“There’s not many English nine-year-old’s who want to go to Switzerland to run.” added Tabitha.