A village that shares its name with Batman’s city have been rewarded for that very fact.

Residents of Gotham will receive a letter informing them that they can attend Legoland for free during their Lego Batman themed events in March.

The Windsor resort will be hosting the events between March 10-March 31.

The village on the suburbs of Nottingham has a direct claim to New York being called Gotham City in the Batman comics.

DC Comics are said to have renamed New York after reading Washington Irvington’s Salmagundi Chronicles which are about the “the wise fools” of Gotham.

Jake Sims, 21, Wallace Street, Gotham, said: “I was delighted when I heard about the free tickets as my nephew is a big Batman fan. The idea is a very clever business ploy and Legoland should be praised.

“We live in a small village that never gets much attention so it’s nice to be rewarded for once.”

The news will come as a positive to residents as Batman and Gotham were last in the spotlight when the sign welcoming people to the village (featured image) was stolen and then found by police. 

PR manager at Legoland Windsor Lauren Moss said: “With Bat-mania sweeping the nation this week, it is only fitting that the people of the UK’s very own Gotham are the first to be invited to our Batman Movie Days.”