Today is National Umbrella Day and, ironically, in Nottingham we have started the day off with a flurry of snow. It is common knowledge that we are all sick of the rain in England, so why are we celebrating umbrella day?

But it’s not just umbrellas we are cheering for today, it is also national cream cheese brownie day – I bet you there are a few of you this morning who spent your journey to work looking for the best cheese brownie recipe. I mean you can’t not make a cream cheese brownie on its national day.

If this year romance is not going too well for you and you planned to go watch Fifty Shades Darker with your best mate on Valentine’s Day then don’t you worry, there is something for singles too. It’s not only Valentine’s Day next week it is also an International flirting week so think of your best chat up lines and since it’s international take some language classes over the weekend too. There is something out there for everyone.

But why do we need to have a national day for everything possibly imaginable? It makes traditional days like pancake days less special.

It feels almost as if we are looking for excuses to eat pizza or pancakes or pull a sickie at work, someone had to invent a special day for it so that we can do things and not feel bad for them, but they are just things we do on a daily basis anyway.