It’s fair to say that not all of us were prepared to wake up this morning and see snowflakes falling fast from the sky. Luckily, it didn’t stick around for long.

However, with reports that we might be seeing more of the white stuff in the days to come, here’s a run down of the places you can go to shelter from a blizzard.

  1. The Nottingham Contemporary

If you find yourself in the city centre when snow starts falling from the sky, the Contemporary is a great place to go. The gallery attracts nearly 200,000 visitors each year with their creative exhibitions which are described as ‘constantly inventive’ and they frequently hold activity sessions, film screenings and concerts throughout the year too. It’s free entry to the general public too, which makes it a great place to escape to for an hour or so.

2. 200 Degree Coffee


It goes without saying – if it’s snowing, it’s going to be pretty chilly outside. This would be a great opportunity to pay a visit to Nottingham’s very own specialist coffee roasters at 200 Degree Coffee to warm you up a little. Choose from the classic cappuccino, flavoured lattes and a range of specially made sandwiches and cakes for the perfect way to stop yourself from shivering. A selection of their food is also veggie and vegan friendly.

3. The National Videogame Arcade  


It is possible to waste hours and hours away in the National Videogame Arcade, so maybe this would be the best option if light snow starts to turn into a blizzard. You can play all of the retro games, explore the history of gaming in 100 items or create your very own game using all the latest technology. However, if you fancy something a little more chilled out, you could always take a seat in the Toast Cafe and play with their big stack of board games.

4. Pieminister

9439721612_37d5cb6893_zWhen the weather outside is rubbish, we do anything we can to make us feel a bit more cheery. Pie and mash is great for this, and there is no better place for pie in Nottingham than Pieminister. One of the founders spend a lot of time in Nottingham as a student, so knows exactly what it takes to make us locals smile. They’ve also recently released a new Brunch menu with full-English style pies, which has made it even more perfect for a snowy escpae, no matter the time of day.

5. Public Libraries 


Whilst they may not be regarded as the coolest place to go, a public library would provide a roof over your head, a comfortable seat and endless entertainment. If you pick up a book about an exotic island far away, it may even make you forget that it is zero degrees outside.

6. Ye Old Trip To Jerusalem


If the snow doesn’t bother you too much and you’re looking for a place to take a nice, artistic picture of a winter landscape, go to Ye Old Trip To Jerusalem. The country’s oldest pub is built into the walls of the caves under Nottingham Castle and can teach you a lot about the history of the city, especially everything supernatural. And of course, they still serve pints, so there’s another excuse to go inside and warm your chilly feet.

7. Rough Trade


Finally, this last choice is suitable for music lovers of all ages. Rough Trade offers one of the biggest vinyl collections in the city, so it is suitable for hours of browsing around for both the classics and the newest releases. There’s a cafe upstairs where you can grab a warm drink, a photo booth where you could commemorate your special snowy day and, if you’re lucky enough and the snow is really terrible, you may even stay long enough to catch a gig in the evening.