More than 11,000 motorists have been fined after driving through a ‘bus gate’ on Shakespeare Street – despite the road not being part of any public bus routes in Nottingham.

The issue has caused much debate among motorists in the city, with many claiming the signposts indicating the restrictions are not clear enough.

Drivers caught in the ‘bus gate’, which runs alongside Nottingham Trent University, are charged with a £60 penalty which is halved if it is paid within two weeks.

Russ Bingley, who works at the university as an engineer, said: “I’ve been given the fine before and the signposting is horrific.

“It’s so bad that if you stand outside on that stretch, literally every ten minutes you see a car drive past.”

He added: “I tried to protest the fine as it seemed so ridiculous, the whole thing is just terrible.”

Other motorists have described the signs as confusing, small and difficult to understand.

However, Nottingham City Council has defended the signs and insisted that it was drivers failing to adapt to the change, which was enforced last year, and not poor signposting that has lead to so many people being fined.

The council has issued a statement saying: “There is absolutely no doubt the signs warning motorists about camera enforcement in Nottingham are up to standard.

“Motorists have a duty to to observe all road signs and must comply with the restrictions – the vast majority do and are not issued with fines.”