The Grand Tour – its like Top Gear, but bigger, and more importantly, better.

With the eyes of the world on them, Clarkson, Hammond and May launched into their new car show with a lot of money to burn, time to kill and a point to prove.

After Clarkson’s infamous spat with a BBC producer, it looked like the 56 year-old presenter, along with his good friends James May, 54, and Richard Hammond, 47, would be off our screen for a while.

But in typical Clarkson style, he powers himself back up from a low point to the top of the world.

This new series has proved the trio are back and to their very best, much to the delight of every Top Gear fan in the world.

In a new set up for the show, the studio, instead of being in a boring old aircraft hanger, is in a brand new tent which travels the world. You can definitely see the massive budget given to them by Amazon due to all the exotic places the tent ends up.

Starting the season in America, the tour took us to Australia, South Africa, Holland, England, Scotland and Abu Dhabi, showing us some of the beautiful sites of the world. Something you wouldn’t get on Top Gear.

The extraordinary budget was on show very early in this first season as they brought in the most expensive cars they could find, just for the opening sequence.

Their expensive taste of cars carried on throughout the season with the trio driving Ferrari’s and Porsche’s, just because they can.

Challenges and clips throughout this season have become a lot more risqué and not as family friendly as their previous show on the BBC.

If you look back at the third episode where the show is in Africa, Clarkson was trying to demonstrate the weight of a super car by comparing it to the weight of a couple of cows.

If you have seen that episode, you know what happens next, but of those who haven’t, not much is left the imagination.

There are new features in the show such as Conversation Street and Celebrity Brain Crash. Here they tease us with a celebrity, but upon introduction they ultimately die in a devastating accident which gives the show that little bit more humour which makes the show a lot better.

After Chris Evans and Matt Le Blanc scarred us with their attempt to save the biggest car show in the world, seeing Clarkson, May and Hammond back in their natural habitat, together, having fun and just fooling around, is just the thing we need.

The first season of this programme has been, as predicted, a huge success and with season 2 coming back later this year, we wait with optimism to see where the troublesome trio will pitch their tent up next.