A lifelong Forest fan has said he’ll keep fighting on after being told his cancer was incurable.

Dylan Barker, of Arnold, was diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time last month – on his 20th birthday.

Dylan has secondary bowel cancer in his liver, lungs and back.

He is set to undergo chemotherapy at City Hospital on Wednesday 8 February.

Dylan said: “Unfortunately I have discovered that this bout of chemotherapy will only prolong my life and will not cure the cancer. I never expected it to come to this but I’ll always keep fighting.”

The Forest season ticket holder’s affection for the club has grown stronger over the past three tough weeks.

He said: “I literally couldn’t believe it when I heard Forest were involved in supporting me. It made me fall in love with the club even more, despite everything that is currently wrong with it.”

This is the fourth time Dylan has had cancer, after previously battling cancer of the liver in 1998, and 2015. In 2013 he also fought against hereditary bowel cancer.

The Forest fan was visited at home by star striker Britt Assombalonga.

Assombalonga said: “It was great to see Dylan as it puts a lot into perspective with all of the things that a lot of people go through. To come here and see him shows how strong he is. It helps people like me to use them as an inspiration to keep going in life, whatever happens.”